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The jewel in the crown of the Western Loughs 20,000 hectares of water. As I live right on its shores I concentrate mainly on this Lough. With islands and a multitude of bays over its 40 km length it abounds with features. It is very much a hatch dominated fishery where the fishing is dictated by whatever fly is hatching. With the first hatch occurring in the middle of March (Duckfly) we have hatches from then on until Mid-September.

Though half the size of its sister, the Mask is a much more open water, wilder with a harsh beauty. Not for the feint-hearted Mask can be dangerous so care must always be taken, however can be every bit as good as Corrib. Not as hatch dominated as Corrib, there are vast areas of shallows which lends it much more to traditional Wet Fly fishing. Indeed, in recent years the early season wet fly fishing, March/April has been fantastic. 

Very much a Summer destination. In recent years not as good as it was, mainky down to environmental factors. Still can be worth a visit, a beautiful lake.

Salmon Lough (Kylemore)
I do guide for Salmon on the Kylmore system on the Upper Lough. This, when the conditions are right give the angler the perfect opportunity to catch an Atlanctic Salmon Lough Style in spectacular surroundings. This is for the Summer Grilse run which occurs from Jun to August. There is an extra cost for this as there are fishery permits to be paid plus a state Salmon Licence is required.

Brownie Loughs
If you are a beginner or you know of someone who is then we can arrange a day afloat on some of the smaller Loughs which have a large stock of small wild Trout in the 15cm-25cm (6’’-10’’) range. What they lack in size they make up in numbers. There have been two 100+ days recorded on one of the Loughs. There would be a small surcharge here 

Other Irish Loughs
I have fished on virtually all of the big Irish Loughs and can arrange guiding on them.